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Processing Time

We do our best to get all items out as soon as we can. If your item is anodized it can take 3-5 Business days to anodize and then package for shipment.  


Processing time to Make and Ship Products
Merchandise  Business Days To Ship
All Cerakote Parts 1-2
All Anodized Parts 3-5
Handgun Parts 1-2
Engraved Parts 1-2
Shotgun Parts 1-2
Tools 1-2


Shipping and Confirmation

When you place your order you should get an email confirming the order within 20 minutes of placing the order. Remember to check your junk folder. If you did not get a confirmation order do not panic. Give it 24 hours, as we will send out tracking information within this time frame. (except orders placed late Saturday night or Sunday. They will be processed on the following Monday)


Tracking Orders

When the order is processed and payment has gone through you will get an email with a USPS tracking label. This does not mean your order has shipped. It just means that you now have a tracking number. The tracking number will be no good until we drop your products off with USPS and they scan them. We do not send out another notification. Look at the chart above and see when you placed your order. If it has been that many business days, give it one more day to see if your tracking number shows something new and then email or call us.


Anodizing Products

We do all of our anodizing of gun parts in house. They lead time is usually 3-5 business days but might take a little longer. We do not anodize other people's products. Anodizing gun parts is time consuming. You have to have the knowledge and the right type of metals. If your aluminum quality is not good it will make the part look not good. So no we do not anodize products you bought somewhere else.

I can not emphasize this enough. If you are going to order anodizing parts for your gun, do it all at once. The blue today that you order might not be the same blue next time. There are so many factors that make a color look different. Temperature from the anodizing tank, someone mixed up a new color and got 1 more drop then they should of, the part was in the dye for an extra 10 seconds and many other factors. We will anodize all parts on an order at the same time to get as close as possible for them to match. But even when we do this each part might be a little different in shade from light to dark. This is because of the different types of aluminum in the products themselves.



Yes, we take returns if you are unhappy with the product you purchase as long as within 30 days. The product must not have been installed, and still look brand new so we can resell it. Remember if you are unhappy with any of our anodizing read the information above and also remember there are not many places you can get quality anodized gun parts.