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Titanium Blue Cerakote AR15 17° pistol grip

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<p>This Cerakote 17&deg; Grip is a lightweight tactical pistol grip made from high strength polymer. Designed for the AR platform, this grip offers a more vertical grip angle for improved weapon leverage in close range applications.&nbsp; Grip is designed to be used with rifles that feature a shorter length of pull.</p>
<li>Professionally Cerakote with H-series oven baked Cerakote&nbsp;</li>
<li>Made from one-piece reinforced polymer</li>
<li>Durable, lightweight, and rugged to withstand years of use</li>
<li>17&deg; grip angle with&nbsp;Aggressive texturing</li>
<li>Increased grip angle compared to the standard A2 pistol grip</li>
<li>All mounting hardware included</li>
<p>Product specification&nbsp;</p>

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